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Return the completed form via fax to 714. 242. 2071 ATTN Human Resources Topgrading Career History Form Last name First Middle Home address City State This information will not be the only basis for hiring decisions. OTHER Do you have the legal right to work for any employer in the United States Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation Yes I certify that answers given in this Topgrading Career History Form are true accurate and complete to the best of my...
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This letter will contain, at a minimum: I accept the responsibility that I will answer all calls and inquiries of my department manager, Director, Superintendent or Director of Human Resources until the position is filled. I will assist in any way that I can to ensure that a qualified applicant is assigned to my position. I will keep all records regarding the hiring process as well as this letter. If I am informed of a vacancy, I will search the department list of applicants and complete the applications of the persons that are qualified for the position, including those for which I am requested to return my copy of the letter and resume. I will have my department manager or the Acting Director of Human Resources notify the Director, Secretary, and/or Principal Officer in writing of my availability to begin upon assignment unless otherwise notified by this letter. I will keep detailed records on all actions and statements regarding any and all employment decisions, including but not limited to the hiring of individuals or promotions within my department. This information will be held by the Human Resources Representative of my department. I understand and agree that the information I have provided will be held in confidence and I will not disclose this information to anyone except to members of my department, who in turn, will not disclose it to any other department employees. I understand and agree not to discuss in any way with the head or any other employee my salary or salary information. Furthermore, I understand that all information about me will be used only for the purpose of hiring, promotion, transfer, discharge, and retirement of this position as well as any future positions that may be assigned to this employee. Furthermore, I understand that any time I am requested to return my resume, I will be required to furnish a copy of my resume directly to the head of the Human Resources division as well as to the person or persons listed below. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I will sign each copy of the form and take responsibility for making changes as needed. Furthermore, I authorize my signature as the sole signature to this form.
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Step1 measure hiring success everyone knows that if something is important in business it's crucial to measure it, but few companies measure hiring success and the problem is they really don't know how bad their hiring is, so they're not motivated to improve their hiring methods oddly enough many companies measure the average cost to fill jobs and the average time to fill them but when companies begin measuring quality of hire they find out that they've been hiring people on the cheap and doing it quickly but 75 of the people they hire turn out to be miss hires over the years we've developed two very simple and very powerful measurements you can add to your skill set percent a player's hired and average costs of miss hires you'll perform these calculations and the result will be even greater motivation to take this course and to become a master at operating step number two create a job scorecard when low performers are fired and their exit interviews are done the vast majority of the time the fired person complains that they never really clarified what my job was is this a convenient excuse of a C player well sometimes yes, but we found that the vast majority of job descriptions are too vague leading to some real confusion to some poor performance and unwanted turn over the top grading solution is what we call a job scorecard and the key is to identify measurable accountabilities what are the numbers the new hire must achieve in order to get a great performance review do this and the company and the candidates will truly know what the job is and Miss hires will be much less likely step3 recruit from networks tens of thousands of top graders say that the quickest easiest cheapest way to recruit is to stay in touch with a players and when a job becomes open hire from your networks the problem is recruiting from ads is time-consuming and inefficient because ads tend to attract see players and their resumes are so cleverly written they all appear to be a player resumes will help you build your networks step 4 use the top grading career history forum screening candidates from their resume wastes your time because resumes of C players are deceptive and full of hype using the top grading career history forum will save you time and will get the best candidates in for face-to-face interviews just email candidates the top grading career history forum or use our top grading snapshot service the top creating career history forum asks for all the information you wish resumes contained but don't such as full compensation history boss ratings true reasons for leaving and much more, and it has a built-in truth serum which really works the truth serum is the message that in order to get a job offer candidates will eventually have to arrange personal reference calls with bosses see players drop out and a player's stay in the job hunt so using the top grading career history forum enables you to accurately separate the players from the C and B players, so you can...
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